Saturday, September 18, 2010

Improve your Home in Minutes 3 Easy Steps

Focus on the three main things that makes our home not look as good as they actually can.

1. Clutter, too much of everything is making your mind confused and it is better to present a calm and focused environment for you to live in and enjoy.

So for example instead of having 10 different candle light, bowls, rugs, paintings, lamps, pillows and more in a room try to move them around between the rooms and find the more similar ones and put them in the same room.

2. Light, make sure you let the natural light in and move big items covering your windows.

By letting the light in to your home you will get a more natural feeling and feel relaxed.

At the same time you will also get the illusion of a more spacious home and a contact with the outside.

When you changed this setting remember to clean the windows, it takes a few minutes but the result will make you so much more at ease.

3. The things you surround yourself with affect the impression you get from other as well as your self. Have a look around your home, what things have you not used for over a year? If you have not used them for more then a year then do you really need them?

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