Friday, September 17, 2010

5 Steps to the Living Room to Live in

5 steps to the living room to live in, this is the area where you spend most of the time normally except when your a sleep so focus on having the furniture that represent you and that gives you the feeling and affect that you are looking for.

Think about what your purpose is with the living room. Is it a TV area or a place where you spend your time with friends, how many persons stay there normally? When you have thaught this through you have given it a chance to use the furniture that is suitable for your needs.

So let’s break it down for you.

Step 1. Focus on the area; don’t sit down at this time stand in the doorway looking in. Does it give you the feeling you like, is it a TV room then you probably want it to look like one with comfy sofas and a nice sofa table right in front of the TV. But if it is a lounge area then you do not want a big black TV that takes over the room like a thunder cloud.

For a lounge area you want relaxation and soft impressions to ease your mind.