Thursday, September 16, 2010

3 Steps to a New Kitchen

Start by looking at your kitchen design. What are things is there that you like and would like to show and what products is not design that you like to show of.

For example if you are a in to modern design then look at the kitchen cabinets. Is the door modern or is it engraved and carved in a more classic design.

The knobs on the doors are also one very important and eye catching part of your kitchen. They are found all around the room in multiplied numbers.

1 This is the first step, the doors is very easy to update, you can buy new ones, send them to a paint shop to spray-paint them in a new color or same color but with a new improved finish to make the design of your kitchen more up to date.

2 The second step in this redesign process is to get some up to date door knobs that reflect your personal design, if you have a modern home then pick some modern designed door knobs with minimum form and shapes and look at the ones with one color only.

3 The third step is light; to work with food and enjoy your experience in your kitchen you need to design the light in the best way. Many kitchens use fluorescent light and the