About us

pidltd.com began developing its business solution in the year 2000, opening the first version for the public in the year 2004.
The company office is located in the heart of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.
PID.se delivers to private customers as well as large companies with high demands for product design and quality.
PID.se works with a wide range of product areas within the home environment. For example, at PID.se you will find interior details, furniture, lighting, and personal accessories for men, women, and children.
Today thousands of visitors access the store, all of them with the same goal: to make a dream come true.
Business Goals:
To equip the people who want to enjoy life with the little extra.
To follow the customers' ideas and develop side by side so that we will always be there with a platform for you and your dreams.
To be the first thing to think of when you look for quality interior design pructs with an exquisite touch.