Friday, September 24, 2010

10 Steps to Find the perfect Furniture.

To find the furniture of your choice you need to think about many things as it is easy to find good looking furniture but do they really fit and do they really represent you in your home

We have all found things that seems perfect in the store but when unwrapping it in your home you fund out that it really is not that good

1. Think before you buy.

This step actually consists of many small steps that we all should think of before we buy any designed furniture or interior item for our home.

2. Think of the area where you will place the furniture. Try to simulate how the furniture would look in that environment

3. Now step back, you have now focused on the furniture but try to focus on the entire room. You do not want to place furniture that fit in that spot but not in the room. This is very important and a very common mistake.

You need to think of it environment that surrounds that furniture to make it perfect.

4. Color. The color of your furniture us very important. And again you need to think of more then just this particular furniture.

The rooms color. Every room has a color it is created by the light from the windows reflected on the leave on the flowers. The existing furniture in the room, the book and even the height of the sealing in the room.

So Findus the color of your room and either use that color for the furniture of your choice or use a color that complement in a good way using a color chart.

5. Light is important either you want more light or less but you need to decide in watt what you want to go.

6. Material of the furniture is vey important. If you enter a room with many different choices of wood you will get feeling floor confusion and mixed expressers so look at the furniture and find the ones you like and look into what materials they are made of and keep consistent with your choice and don't mix too much.

7. Furniture size is important as you actually can make a room look more spacious with large furniture then a small one in some cases.

For example a large rug can make the floor more spacious as it plays a trick on your mind.

8. Light sources can make the furniture blend in or make them stand out. Use light that is selected for the particular setting as there is light for different settings giving different colored light as it gives more blue, more red or more white it gives a totally different feeling

9. Move around. It is easy to fixed on one solution and as you add more furniture the old furnishing might not bee as good as it was so do think about what you can do with your room.

10. Find you’re self. Don't look too much at what other does and what they write in magazines as what's important is that it's your home and be proud of it.

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