Friday, October 1, 2010

Design is like art.

Design is more than decorations. Design is like art.

Interior Design and decorations for your home is heading for new height.
It’s not just how you look and present yourself in life.
Your home is a mirror of you and how you want things to be in your home and around you. Maybe you prefer it strict, with a lot of colors or maybe everything in white. Decorating your home is getting more and more exciting, with new stores and designers exploding into the market right now.

But this is only the beginning of it.

Design is future; design shows love in the product. Design is art.
Art is expensive design, but you have to think about when a designer makes his idea from the sketches on paper to be sold in stores, he make a decision. Does he want everyone to have his designer chair in their homes, or does he want it to be a special piece that’s limited, a piece of art that you can only find at a few selected places?
If he wants the product to be found in every interior design store over the globe, the price will be cheaper as the fabrications of the product are made in so many samples. Or if the product is made in a small, limited collection, the price will be higher.

The Scandinavian design is very popular now; the strict lines and products are not always what they look like.
Other countries that are going for more daring designs are, for example, designers in Great Britain.

The designer team Living Vitamin from Great Britain shows us that there are products that are not always what they look like at first sight. Vitamin Living has designed a daring one of a kind pot for the plant in your home or office called I.V Plant. The drip feed provides a striking design focus as well as acting as a reminder to its owner as to when it needs topping up.

In Argentina, they are also reaching the light of design.

Take, for example the Placentero Chair designed by the young Argentine designer Batti. It is a so beautiful and peaceful in your home that it looks more like a sculpture then an actual chair, but is it comfortable?
I would like to say it is like sitting in something that not only makes you look very special but also feels very relaxed. Batti and his team had performed an investigation about the experiences we as a human beings have before birth.
This took them to meet some techniques of recreation of the natural situation inside the mother’s womb.
Fall and winter steer us to white and bright rooms with the beautiful touches of colors that fall and winter present: dark colors like fully-red wine or dark-brown lilac color and apple-green combined with round, soft forms on the furniture. Imagine all the leaves that fall of the trees when the frost is reaching closer to us; place those leaves on a white paper and there you have your perfect scale over colors that are so right this coming fall and winter.

Change with the future.

Change with the future. Change colors or small pieces in your home often. Every year your life is different and something changes, so its important to let your home interior design change with you.

Michelle Lillrud is a Interior Designer at PIDLTD.Com
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