Sunday, October 17, 2010

Online home furniture

The world is evolving, in the past we went to a carpenter and said that we would like to have a pice of Furniture.
A table, a chair or maby a desk.
As the world evolved the carpenters started to design there products and so furniture design was born and the carpenter became a furniture designer.

Time pased and shops opened where you could buy ready produced products and did not have to wait for the carpenter to produce the product of your interest.

But still you could only reach the products you could see with your own eyes or you could place a order of a product with your descriptions but have close to no idea about how it would actualy look like when you received it.

The evolution has taken us to where we are today and that is with online home furniture stores.
You can now live in London place a order in a online home furniture store that is located in Sweden and have the product of your choice delivered to your house in Italy.

This complex order process takes only a minute and you will have full control about what product you have purchased from all the information you received in the online home furniture store, from pictures, measurements, material, the products designer and even video of the product in use.

You can find design Furniture from around the world in one place and make use of the modern solutions for order processing and package tracking.All type furniture you get here in lower cost no condition apply.

This is almost to good to be true but the world is still evolving so what can be the next type of home shopping solution after online home furniture stores. Will we see holographic furnishing solutions where your product is shown in your home in a hologram before you place your order.We are Delivery your Furniture in minimum time.
But that is still the product display, what about the product delivery and the manufacturing.
Time will tell but one thing is sure, the world is getting smaller

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